How to invest money

First of all, congratulations! Investing your money is the most reliable way to build wealth over time. If you’re a first-time investor, we’re here to help you get started. It’s time for your money to work for you. Before you put your hard-earned cash into an investment vehicle, you’ll need a basic understanding of how to properly invest […]

How to Invest in Real Estate: A Complete Guide

Many investors have real estate positions in their portfolios. But adding other real estate investments can help you diversify your portfolio and protect you from stock market volatility. Let’s take a look at your options for investing in real estate, the pros and cons, and how you can get started. What are my investment options? Here are […]

Ways to invest in a family member’s business

Raising capital is often the biggest hurdle to starting a new business, so it’s not uncommon for budding entrepreneurs to turn to their families and friends for help. If you’re approached with such a request, your first instinct may be to lend a hand, no questions asked—especially if your child is asking. But such aid should […]

Personal finance advice relies on shame; What if we try empathy?

When Suze Orman applied to appear on the show in June 2012, she was a young doctor making $58,000 a year with $240,000 in student loans from medical school and $40,000 in credit card debt. As a divorced mother of three who also cared for a terminally ill parent, June’s income barely covered her living expenses.  […]

Financial advisors are giving their clients 4 pieces of advice

The coronavirus recession has changed financial goals and habits for many Americans. An economy that had begun to recover is now collapsing again, with millions still out of work and others facing prolonged periods of reduced hours and reduced pay. At the same time, coronavirus cases continue to rise across the US, signaling that the country […]

Create a financial roadmap before your spouse dies

I don’t even know where to begin,” Cindy Steinberg told me after her husband’s death. “I’m just trying to stay on top of the bill. I don’t even know all the passwords to bank accounts and investments.” I heard this repeated from all the recent widows – and widowers – I’ve spoken to. While the family is in […]

Is your compensation reasonable? That is for tax purposes

There are two universal principles regarding the fairness of employee compensation: (i) most people feel that they are undercompensated and (ii) the same people feel that their friends and neighbors are overcompensated. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but for our unscientific purposes it is sufficient to think of fairness as beauty – it is […]

Strategies to continuously grow your business

For businesses, it’s hard to think of a more apt description of their lifecycle. After all, in industries that have any kind of competition, businesses must constantly grow to avoid being overtaken by others. But achieving a state of constant business growth is not easy. If it were, every business would be able to do it – […]

Ways to become a successful risk taker and take more chances

I have stood on my own personal cliff edge many times. Every time I jumped something different happened. There were threats that started out great, but eventually faded. There were such dangers that I kept falling until I reached the ground. There were risks that started slowly, but had great success. Every risk is different, but every risk is […]

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