CRED Review – Pay and Earn by Paying Your Credit Card Bills

CRED is a Bangalore-based Indian financial technology business. It is an incentive-based credit card transaction application established in 2018 by Kunal Shah. Cred also allows customers to pay their lease offers relatively brief lines of credit. Cred has been chastised for becoming overpriced possessing a solid revenue plan.

How CRED Operates

CRED is only available if you possess a credit rating (CIBIL) of 750 or higher. CRED seeks validates accessibility to verification of your existing credit rating through credit agencies such as Experian, Crif, or CIBIL. If you meet the requirements, the application will link your current credit cards to your CRED profile. The following is full enrollment guidance:

  • Download the application on your Android or Ios device register using your contact details.
  • Following OTP verification of your phone number, the application will analyze your credit rating tell you whether you are qualified for the program.
  • After valid authentication, the application will add any credit cards associated with your phone number. You may add up to ten credit cards at once, with the possibility of adding further if necessary.
  • You must validate your card information by entering the disguised digits.
  • CRED will promptly validate your card(s) by paying Rupees. 1 via IMPS/UPI.
  • Upon confirmation, you may deposit your credit card payments or get the bonus in the sum of the payment.

The Benefits of Using CRED

  • In addition to providing a one-stop portal for clearing your credit card debts, you receive bonus points per each Rupee you spend against your payment. The incentive rewards are known as CRED coins and tokens, and they may be redeemed for different items on the Cred application. The application’s offers are refreshed daily, so you may convert your CRED tokens (referred to as burning CRED coins) throughout areas.
  • Credit card transactions are safe when made using the Cred application. 256-bit encryption protects the transaction channel avoids protection breaches.
  • You may maintain records of your transaction histories for any cards linked to the system, in addition to impending invoices.
  • Each rupee spent on a credit card bill transaction earns you Rupees 200 in assured bonus points.
  • Options like ‘Kill the bill’ allow you to accumulate rewards for your bill repayment.
  • Every moment your card invoice is created, you will receive a notification, guaranteeing that you do not skip or postpone a transaction.

CRED Bonuses

Credit card holders may initiate transactions by calling the contact information shown on their cards. This not just improves the protection of credit card bill transactions, and allows users to spend using a range of credit cards linked to particular contact numbers. To maintain your credit rating good, stop clearing credit card payments beyond the deadline.

CRED accepts credit cards from the bulk of international banks, such RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Credit card authentication transactions are done using the application free of cost.

CRED bonus points, also referred to as CRED coins and tokens, may be utilized to buy a range of things using the CRED application. With every credit card bill transaction done using their application, you receive CRED tokens. You may receive CRED tokens by recommending colleagues or relatives to our application.

Such tokens may be redeemed for digital purchasing coupons. You may also use your tokens to make payments at several offline businesses that have partnered with CRED by exchanging them for tokens. CRED tokens may be redeemed throughout sectors, as well as the application’s offerings are frequently renewed.

Discounts for Credit Card Bill Settlement

Let’s presently go above a few of its bill-paying offerings throughout this CRED credit card application article. CRED gives several fund-saving deals to its subscribers. A few of the finest are listed here.

  • Bookmyshow: Use Bookmyshow to obtain Rupees. 500 movie tickets for 30,000 CRED tokens.
  • Ixigo: With 5000 CRED tokens, customers will get an Rs. 1000 voucher. Purchase Ixigo flight bookings using it.
  • Levi’s Coupon: For 1 Lac CRED coin, customers may acquire one Rupee. 1000 coupon.

Cult. Fit Subscription: Keep fit live a nutritious existence. If you have 25,000 CRED tokens, you may join Cult. Fit for complimentary for 30 days.

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