things to do if you have diabetes

Diabetes is impacting lives across the globe. India, in particular, is witnessing a growth in diabetes cases. 

You're not going to win this battle in one day, so start preparing your body and mind for a long battle.

Exercising, yoga and meditation will help you in getting there. You can also take up sports.

Don't let you Body Mass Index slip out of hands. Keep a really close eye on your weight. You may need to shed a few kilos.

Juices, energy drinks, alcohold based drinks and sweets can make the condition worse for a diabetic person.

So, try to avoid processed sugar, and you need to do it on daily basis.

It's always good to keep a doctor in the loop, so that any new symptoms can be detected and treated in time.

Get basic machines like glucometer and blood pressure meter in home.

Eat right, more natural fibres and in right portions. Give your body proper time to rejuvenate. 

One day of healthy living is one less day of probable pain later in life.