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Why can’t I see the history of transactions?

There are a few reasons this might be happening to you. Usually, simultaneous transactions result in nested transactions. These stacked transactions all access the same data. Data is accessible to the transaction during the process before the other. In this case, there is a mistake in the transaction history.

You might also consider the points given below if the transaction history is not available.

You have to wait 48 business hours after making a purchase through the app.

If, even after 48 business hours, you are still unable to see the history, get in touch with customer care.

Check to make sure you are performing withdrawal properly. The only way to produce the transaction history is to withdraw money.

The minimum withdrawal amount must also be reached before you can make any withdrawals.

We deeply regret any difficulties you may be having with the transaction. What should you do if your transaction history isn’t working properly for you or if you’re having difficulties getting it?

Important Details

You cannot check your transaction history until 24 hours have passed since you made a withdrawal from the app.

If you still can’t see the transaction history 24 hours after the withdrawal, please get in touch with us using the contact page.

If you don’t have the necessary 20000 coins collected in the app you are using, you won’t be able to access the transaction history or finish your withdrawal.

You must accrue 20,000 coins through games in our app before you may withdraw money. For transaction histories to be created, withdrawals are necessary.

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